I didn’t expect that one of the Polish sweetness which we eat especially during the last week of the carnival can make a big splash in Madeira. Faworki (chruściki) are traditional sweet crunchy pastries, in the form of thin twisted ribbons and they are quite easy to make. You have to try them. Ingredients: 250-300 … More Faworki

The Lonely Easter

It’s already July but I have some articles unfinished. That one was waiting for me probably for too long. People from my organization can say that I’m always late with many things because everything „is just a draft” for me. And I can admit they are right. The process in my mind from an idea … More The Lonely Easter

Everyone can act

Perhaps my plans go too far into the future, but I would like to create a series of several theater-related articles. Today’s text will be just an introduction, encouragement, and a short story from my life. In the next ones, I will try to make use of various articles, publications and the results of the … More Everyone can act