Polish dumplings

Each month volunteers from Teatro Metaphora have an opportunity to make some wokshops. The subject depends on our creativity, previous experience and skills that we have. Last Wednesday we were asked to prepare some culinary workshop.and alomost immediately we have decided to make traditional Polish dish which is called – Pierogi Ruskie (In its shape … More Polish dumplings

Magic evenings

Here in Madeira, time flows differently. You can see people who talk to each other, drink coffee and play cards. People are more relaxed, happier and they smile a lot. Time goes on differently here – not faster or slower, but different. Sometimes days pass you like minutes and sometimes last as long as months. … More Magic evenings


Do you know this feeling when you see the result of your hard work? This delight when you finally admire it? 3 weeks ago we received information that we should prepare a decoration for the carnival. Our task was to prepare the carnival wings. This project was important because many people would like to see … More Carnival