Call us idiots,weirdos or nicer if you prefer 😆

Being bored?Well, that’s unknown feeling for us on this island! Call us crazy,idiots,weirdos or express some impressive words otherwise.😂That’s who we are! Our passion is to escape the ordinary,our feet are itchy all the time, we starve for more… I won’t waste your time giving you details about what happened today because you will never … More Call us idiots,weirdos or nicer if you prefer 😆

My first date ^^

There is a quote that says: “Live like heaven is on earth”. Well,I would simply change it into: “Live on Madeira Island and then you will find the heaven”. I am amazed of every single corner,plant,rock,tree.Even the cat Ugly in our neighborhood that loves probably only fighting and eating garbage amaze me in some way.Another thing … More My first date ^^