Garden of Eden

This experience that i had in the last 2 months has left large imprint on my memories. Actually i don`t know even how to explain it but i will choose 7 words to describe it. Majestic – like the stunning viewpoints of the island Adventurous – like the amazing time spent exploring new paths. Dynamic … More Garden of Eden

Busy week

Last week was very active and lively. The volunteers had a lot to do and there for the week flew by. Leading up till this week we have been planning a international dinner to raise money for reforestation. The plan was for every country to cook couple of traditional dishes from their country and do … More Busy week

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Nelson Mandela They told us that it is impossible to visit the beach below Cabo Girao with walking because there is no walking access to the beach and we have to use the Teleferico to get there. But tell me once that something is impossible and i will … More Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Fortune Cookies

I have never dreamed that i will make fortune cookies in my life. But this moment came! We decided that it would be awesome if the tickets for the Jantar Intercultural are in a form of fortune cookies. When the volunteer was wanted to make them, my hand was in the air without knowing what … More Fortune Cookies

The Return

The grass is always greener somewhere else. The moment I arrive in the Netherlands – and note, the Dutch experience starts in the plane overloaded with Dutch tourists who are grumpy about the minor delay – the fast pace and impatience strikes me. As I slowly walk to the train station people overtake me on … More The Return

International dinner

Last friday, 10 march, it was finally here. Our masterplan to raise money for the reforestation activities: organising an international dinner. With 14 people from 7 different countries and 74 (maybe even more) guests it was more than crowded on Ilheu. We were rushing to serve the food to the people and had more dishes … More International dinner

Call us idiots,weirdos or nicer if you prefer 😆

Being bored?Well, that’s unknown feeling for us on this island! Call us crazy,idiots,weirdos or express some impressive words otherwise.😂That’s who we are! Our passion is to escape the ordinary,our feet are itchy all the time, we starve for more… I won’t waste your time giving you details about what happened today because you will never … More Call us idiots,weirdos or nicer if you prefer 😆


There are so many things I have no power over. Getting ill makes me feel powerless. Not only because I feel drained of energy after a row of sleepless nights but because I can’t do anything about it. I have to wait. María