Origami hearts

The 20th of August was my last workshop in Ilheu, with children. This time it was a paper heart of Origami. The children were very animated and everyone participated. Some cost a little more than others but it was normal because of the difference in ages and occasions that helped them. The time passed very … More Origami hearts

Sushi day

We came to Metaphora last morning. After, our Portuguese lesson and we finished our work there, we went out to eat Sushi. After a short time bus journey we came to Lido. We went to a souvenir shop to wait for Sara. Madeira`s drinks, cakes and clothes were selling here. Mushroom stoppers recycled. Shoes and … More Sushi day

Sao Pedro Festival

2018 Camara De Lobos Sao Pedro festival was between  27 June- 01 July. The first festival day I watched traditional show and took their photos. The show contains also a lot of diffrent people. they are special for me. And I know ıf you give a chance, everybody can create marvels. I really like old … More Sao Pedro Festival

Santana workshop

We went to Santana to assist in organization of an event. We were ready and we went to Funchal from Camara de Lobos. We met with Lídia and then we went to Santana. The youth center was an interesting experience and a good place to wait for Lídia. While waiting for Lídia we strolled around … More Santana workshop