Dragons of Madeira

Rumours say that the cats and dogs are the owners of the Madeiran streets. But the truth is the power over the whole island is hold by the light-speed fast tetrapods which spent the whole day in the sunny places around the every corner of the island. So far around the island were spotted four … More Dragons of Madeira

Culture shock

How to handle culture shock? I think it has been relating point to every volunteer.Is it missing some specific food, family member, friend, pet…Name it. We all have been there. Every person can react to culture shock differently. The time to adapt to new culture and time to adjustmay be very individual. Hereby i gathered … More Culture shock

Laughter therapy

  Here in Teatro Metaphora one of our tasks is to do workshops with groups. Last week we researched method called laughter therapy. Unfortunately we could not do it yet with group because of social distancing,but I wanted to summarize few helpful exercises. Maybe it is useful for somebody who wants to try out. How … More Laughter therapy

Banana bread

In the modern world we all should try to live sustainably. One of ways to do that is being conscious about food we eat. The simplest step that can be taken by anyone is eating locally. Madeira is a big producer of bananas. And if it happens to you that you have too many bananas … More Banana bread