Origami hearts

The 20th of August was my last workshop in Ilheu, with children. This time it was a paper heart of Origami. The children were very animated and everyone participated. Some cost a little more than others but it was normal because of the difference in ages and occasions that helped them. The time passed very … More Origami hearts

Workshop of games

This Monday we went back to Jardim de Ilheu to do more activities with children. My turn was in the morning and I made some games with the children. As the day was sunny, we went outside. In this occasion, Ani accompanied me, this time the workshop was easier, since they also knew some games … More Workshop of games

Training in Viseu

On the  April 17th I took a flight to Porto to spend the rest of the week doing a training on the EVS. The place where I was was a hostel with more EVS volunteers who also came from different parts of Portugal. The days were very entertaining for me since he learns many things … More Training in Viseu