Back to reality

A week has already passed since my return to home and I can hardly believe it. It seems like a moment ago I was still walking the streets of Câmara de Lobos, with the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. Looking back on my EVS in Teatro Metaphora I cannot help … More Back to reality

Metaphora brings happiness for people – Jogos inter-freguesias 2018

Teatro Metaphora always does many different things, different –  very good and very entertaining. Jogos inter-freguesias was one of the best activity and I can definitely say, that even in my childhood I have never had so much fun like this. The day started with funny games in Ilheu. I can’t say which one was … More Metaphora brings happiness for people – Jogos inter-freguesias 2018

Origami hearts

The 20th of August was my last workshop in Ilheu, with children. This time it was a paper heart of Origami. The children were very animated and everyone participated. Some cost a little more than others but it was normal because of the difference in ages and occasions that helped them. The time passed very … More Origami hearts

Sushi day

We came to Metaphora last morning. After, our Portuguese lesson and we finished our work there, we went out to eat Sushi. After a short time bus journey we came to Lido. We went to a souvenir shop to wait for Sara. Madeira`s drinks, cakes and clothes were selling here. Mushroom stoppers recycled. Shoes and … More Sushi day