About Teatro Metaphora

Founded in 2009, Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes is a non-profit association whose purpose is to develop cultural activities for benefit of community’s development and education. Its objectives are to develop social and personal competences of children, youth, and adults by organising local and international projects, camps, training courses, conferences, seminars, consultations, lectures and other educational activities, based on non-formal education principles for kids, youth and adults.

Teatro Metaphora strives to contribute to an artistic and cultural program aimed at enhancing the quality of life with meaning, not only entertainment. The organization’s activities is an essential part of overall strategy for Madeira to be a creative community, and the organization itself – a meeting point for innovation and change, aimed at strengthening the excellence of our island. Teatro Metaphora promotes equal opportunities, inclusion, active citizenship and participation of children, youth and adults and creation of various opportunities for them.

Our main actions can be grouped in three distinctive segments:
1) producing theatre shows, promotion and participation in cultural activities around various artistic disciplines, contributing thereby to the development and dissemination of cultural heritage;
2) organising national and international projects, seminars and trainings, under local, national and European programs (Erasmus+);
3) as a result of the past Youth Initiative, we develop a wide range of activities and workshops related to natural heritage, recycling, climate changing, environmental best practises topics.

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