The Coronavirus Time Capsule

The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a project launched by Company Three from the United Kingdom. You can read some information about the organization here and about the project here. Every week people from different groups and organizations across the world create a new video together to give an insight into the experience of lockdown, the experience of time that we haven’t known before. Every week is a new topic.

As a Teatro Metaphora, we started to create together a video for the first week in April. Ani Sparsiashvili was a person who spread the idea and encouraged us to do something creative together. We said „yes” so our journey began.

I was responsible for editing videos. And what is interesting the video from the first week was my third video which I’ve ever edited. I wasn’t sure I could to it well but after a few weeks, I can say the videos are not perfect but not that terrible as I thought they are. It’s a process of learning so I can deal with it step by step.

Our adventure of Coronavirus Time Capsule had continued for 5 weeks. We started with „The Beginning” and we posted video 1 of May. After that we showed our „Home Life”, we said and sang something „About Us”, and next we shared our feelings about „Social Distancing”. Our lockdown finished and we posted our last video about „Freedom” 1 of June.

It was an amazing time. Thank you wonderful people for videos, original ideas, sharing your stories, emotions, talents, and energy!

And here is a list of our videos:

*If you click on the picture or the title you will go to the video on Youtube.

The Beginning

Home Life

About Us

Social Distancing


Stella Kołodziejczak
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
To know more:

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