Jogos Inter-Freguesias 2016: two crazy days and lots of fun

If Monkeys Unchained compete with Sly Cats: who will win? And then Calculative Wolves or Pesky Foxes?.. During two days, 24-25 September, we tried to find out who is stronger and smarter among the animal world and districts of Camara de Lobos. Inter-district Games 2016 were organized by Teatro Metaphora with the support of Camara … More Jogos Inter-Freguesias 2016: two crazy days and lots of fun

A Palm Tree Theory

Probably you know this joke. A man is lying under a palm tree on an island, relaxed. A businessman comes and asks: “Why are you lying here doing nothing? Go pick up bananas, sell them and you will have some cash”. “And then what?” “And then pick up more bananas, sell them again and you … More A Palm Tree Theory

We speak Portuguese

Now after 8 months in Portugal I have one important thing to mention. It seems that we started speaking Portuguese. I do not mean having long conversations on serious topics, it is too early. But to understand generally what people say and to respond, explain ourselves, even though with mistakes – yes! What a wonderful … More We speak Portuguese