Travel day

I woke up at 5 this morning. My flight was worth 7 and I should be at the airport before this time. I was prepared, and my dear mentor Sara sent message. Then, we headed to the airport. I’ve spent asleep on my plane travel and I came to Porto airport. it was a nice … More Travel day

For Healty

The most important factor in a healty is to add beneficial food to our menu. SUGAR Most of us eat more sugars than necessary. Consuming a large amount of sugar can cause cardiovascular problems. If you want to eat something sweet, you may prefer to eat fruit instead of chocolate. SALT Salt is one of … More For Healty

Kız Kulesi

The Kız Kulesi is one of my favorite structures in İstanbul. This structure has become the symbol of İstanbul. I love stories. The Kız Kulesi’s also has many stories. One of them is the Snake Story. This story is as follows: The king has a daughter and the king is very happy. The king assigns … More Kız Kulesi

Sushi day

We came to Metaphora last morning. After, our Portuguese lesson and we finished our work there, we went out to eat Sushi. After a short time bus journey we came to Lido. We went to a souvenir shop to wait for Sara. Madeira`s drinks, cakes and clothes were selling here. Mushroom stoppers recycled. Shoes and … More Sushi day

Santana workshop

We went to Santana to assist in organization of an event. We were ready and we went to Funchal from Camara de Lobos. We met with Lídia and then we went to Santana. The youth center was an interesting experience and a good place to wait for Lídia. While waiting for Lídia we strolled around … More Santana workshop

An activity day…

This day is play day with children. We went to Ilheu for this and we started preparations. The teacher helped us to work. We started with children’s curious look. This is a funny work. Children’s creavity combined with theoretical knowledge. I taught new something to them and I learned new something with them. This was … More An activity day…