Mosquito bait

After a weekend of carnaval celebrations I thought I had seen it all. But last night a mosquito decided to keep me company for the night. I was unable to catch it and went to sleep completely covered under my blanket. Though this did not stop the mosquito from sucking my blood. Normally in the … More Mosquito bait

A new experience

When I came to Madeira the completely different natural beauty here overwhelmed me a bit, but the island never gave me a huge culture shock. Of course many things are different than in the Netherlands (like time management, yoghurt consumption and annual rainfall) and I definitely needed some time to settle in, but only this … More A new experience


What stood out in lasts weeks activities was by far the beginning of the Carnival. Though I did not go to Funchal on Friday and participate in the transvestite night. I did go and watch the parade on Saturday. The Carnival parade is by far the most impressive parade I have ever seen. You can only … More Carnival


A few days ago we’ve had an organized walking tour through Fanal, but when we’ve reached the place where we had to start our walk, the tour was canceled because of the weather conditions. On our way home, the bus stopped at several places where we had a chance to see some really amazing landscapes … More Continues….

Change of plans

Last Sunday the EVS group and some other people had planned a hiking trip to Fanal. We had arranged a bus and everyone met up at 9 in Camara de Lobos. Some more rested and prepared then others ;). But when we arrived at the destination the weather conditions where not to ideal. It was … More Change of plans