Busy week

Last week was very active and lively. The volunteers had a lot to do and there for the week flew by. Leading up till this week we have been planning a international dinner to raise money for reforestation. The plan was for every country to cook couple of traditional dishes from their country and do … More Busy week

Carnival II

Now the Carnival is coming to an end and everything is heading back to normal. We have a busy week a had of us with an upcoming charity event. Everyone will be cooking a traditional cuisine and giving a very short presentation about their country. Me and Maria #teamIceland will be making a traditional fish … More Carnival II


What stood out in lasts weeks activities was by far the beginning of the Carnival. Though I did not go to Funchal on Friday and participate in the transvestite night. I did go and watch the parade on Saturday. The Carnival parade is by far the most impressive parade I have ever seen. You can only … More Carnival

Change of plans

Last Sunday the EVS group and some other people had planned a hiking trip to Fanal. We had arranged a bus and everyone met up at 9 in Camara de Lobos. Some more rested and prepared then others ;). But when we arrived at the destination the weather conditions where not to ideal. It was … More Change of plans