International dinner

Last friday, 10 march, it was finally here. Our masterplan to raise money for the reforestation activities: organising an international dinner. With 14 people from 7 different countries and 74 (maybe even more) guests it was more than crowded on Ilheu. We were rushing to serve the food to the people and had more dishes … More International dinner

Mosquito bait

After a weekend of carnaval celebrations I thought I had seen it all. But last night a mosquito decided to keep me company for the night. I was unable to catch it and went to sleep completely covered under my blanket. Though this did not stop the mosquito from sucking my blood. Normally in the … More Mosquito bait

Sun is shining

The first week I was here on Madeira, I experienced the true meaning of being homesick. It was something new for me because I have never been all alone, this far and for this long away from home. I didn’t expect my reaction to be so extreme as it was. At the end of the … More Sun is shining


On February 9 2017, we went on a trip to the Desertas islands with everyone from the green raid project and other long-term volunteers from other projects. The day started off with a bus ride to Funchal and a walk to the city harbour to find the boat. It turned out to be a navy … More Desertas