“Ы” vs. “Э”: shortly about Russian lessons

I think we have started in February (which doesn’t mean neither “cold” nor “winter” here) and now is May, slightly warmer and more pleasant, and we have just finished. What? Russian classes! Here goes Natasha: And me: So, for almost 4 months we held classes, starting from one place but later moving to Casa do … More “Ы” vs. “Э”: shortly about Russian lessons

Some words about the school with a view and our appearance there

This Tuesday, I woke up at 6am to get to Curral das Freiras by 10am. That’s a weird fact about buses here: even though it might be faster to get to the point from Camara de Lobos where we live, there are no direct buses so we are forced to first go to Madeiran capital … More Some words about the school with a view and our appearance there

Above clouds

They call it “Maintenance of plantation areas” but I would describe it as a total visual enjoyment. And fatigue. Last weekend I spent in mountains taking care of plants and working actively with a hoe. Our team leader Emanuel explained to us that reforestation months have already finished and it’s a time to take care of invasive species. … More Above clouds

We are back!

Long time no see, huh? That’s because there were so many things going on in Metaphora, Christmas, New Year, Madeira… Did you know that Madeira has not only 9 micro climates,  which makes this place so unique in terms of nature and exploring the island; but also the weather here sometimes is so… Unpredictable? Well, I … More We are back!