Street art in Madeira

Hello! In this post I’m going to talk about street art that I found in some places of Madeira. For me, street art is every kind of creativity expression. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be something big but just something meaningful. Most of the art installations that I have seen are placed in Funchal such as Rua de Santa Maria. This is a very well known and turistic area because all the doors of the street are painted in different styles by different artists.

You can also find some murals made by the artist Bárbara Gil Pereira.

“The Chef”

In the port of Funchal there is a huge wall full of boat paintings. Since the port was built, every boat that arrives to Madeira has a painting on this mural.

Moving to Câmara de Lobos you can also find a street full of art installations made by Teatro Metaphora. These murals were made with cans. If you come to Madeira it is worth it to stop by this village and visit Rua São João de Deus.

In Câmara de Lobos you can also spot a big sea lion installation made with trash by the Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo.

In Praia Formosa, an unknown artist painted some graffitis on the wall. This is a very simple type of art but I would like to mention it because the messages are good to be remembered.

To finish, in the city of Machico, there also some murals in the Old Town that are really interesting to see. To me, it looks like a little Funchal.

Raquel Conejo Husillos
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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