Friday, sun, beach and… TRASH!

On the Friday, 26th March 2021 volunteers from Theatro Metaphora participate in event of cleaning the beach (Praia do Almirante Reis) in Funchal. Friendly organisation attended, like: Wings of the Ocean, Surf Club Madeira and friends. The entire event took place in accordance with the various measures relating to the health situation, so masks were required. Everybody met on 3 p.m. next to Teleferico Funchal-Monte. We splited for groups of four people. It was important, because every person had different bag for trash like paper, glass, plastic, metal and others. Also we accounted every trash to know how many of them we collected. We got gloves to protect our hands. After explenation, with equipment, in teams we were ready. Let’s start the game!

On the beginnng beach seems quite clean. You almost couldn’t to see trash. But when we started walk and put more attention, we started colecting more, more and more trash. Some of them were hidden between and under stones, but all volunteers were ready to find them. Power of team work! It was a really hot day. During the activity was very important to drink water and cover the head.

Photo by Estella D.

After two hours we collected a lot of trash. It was over 225 kilograms! Events like this are really cool and usefull. You can do something good for the environment, meet people from around the world, friends and enjoy lovely afternoon. Higly recomment to take part in activities like this one. Let’s hope people will take care more about trash, environment and each others. We can make the Earth a better place!

Jacek Szkauro Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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