Cooking ideas for dummies

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Hello again! To start with this post I want to explain the reason why Im writing it. I have to admit that cooking is not my best skill and I’m a little bit of a disaster in the kitchen. So I would like to share some simple recipes that can save your day if you are not good at cooking neither.

  1.  Pasta

Okey, this is very basic and obvious but you can do it in many ways. What I do is adding pesto (that you can easily buy at the supermarket) and some accompaniments such as olives, mushrooms, cheese and tofu. My tip is to put it all together in a frying pan until is well mixed. Nobody said pasta can’t be healthy!

2. Oats

This meal is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Before, I didn’t know that there were many ways to prepare them but one of the volunteers from Metaphora showed me the amazing world of oats! So to start with, you need to put the oats in hot water until it boils for 10 minutes more or less (it also depends on the quantity of oats that you are cooking). Then, hen they are already done you can add a little bit of milk and the rest of the ingredients. The thing that I like the most is that you can add everything you want- They can be salty or sweet. Usually what I add  is fruit (grapes, banana…), nuts and chocolate. Oats are a perfect start of the morning!

3. Toast

This is again a very simple dish, fast and if you are creative you can do it in many different ways. I like putting the piece of bread in the oven to be more crunchy and then just adding some toppings. As the basis I use to spread hummus or advocado and then at the top you can add a fried egg. You can easily buy prepared hummus at the supermarket. In regards to the advocado it is very tasty if you mix it with paprika and onion.

4. Lentils

This is a very simple and healthy dish. Just add the lentils in a pot with water until it boils and they are soft. Then, I also add potatoes or batata (it gives them a sweety flavour). You can also add “chorizo” or sausage if you eat  meat. To me the secret to give them more flavour are the spices. I like to add paprika and/or oregano.

5. Salad

This dish is very obvious but I like to eat it for dinner not to go with full stomach to bed and there are more versions than just a simple salad with lettuce and tomato. Apart from these two ingredients I like to add a boiled egg, whatever kind of cheese, olives, corn and nuts. Yes! It can sound weird but nuts give the salad a different crunchy touch and they convert a boring salad into a delightful dish.

Raquel Conejo Husillos

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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