Metaphora’s Team on Fajã dos Padres

On January 26th 2021 Metaphora’s Team got new mission – go on Fajã dos Padres and clean beach. For us it was not mission imposible, so with smile on faces we went there. Fajã dos Padres is small secret beach very close to Cabo Girao. There are just two options to go there – by cable car or by boat. We choose first option. Station is locate on 300-meters clif. Eight people can go to trolley in the same time. Trip is quite fast and you can enjoy of spectacular views.

Fajã dos Padres is very green and pacefull place. There are a lot of plants like banana, papaya, mango, avocado, grapa, lettuce and many many more. This is very quite place. There is just few houses for local people and tourists. Also there are no cars. Sometimes you can observe just golf carts. Area is not big, so it is easily and pleasure for walk.

There is small and rocky beach. Also you can go on short pear. Exactly from this place we started our mission. With plastic bags and grabbles we scanned every centimeter of the beach. No trash could be overlooked. On the beginning there was impression that beach is quite clean and there is not much to do. But slowly our bags were full. Even we needed more. Finally, we collect six big bags of trash. WELL DONE!

After work it was time to eat. But tere was some time to lunch, so me and few others volonteers decided to go in direction of waterfall. From the pear we saw some water coming down. It was time to check it and explore this place more. After few minutes walk we were on place. There was a huge waterfall. It looked so impressive. We took some photos and back on lunch.

All group enjoyed lunch in local and just one restaurant on this place. Good company, delicious food and amazing views. This is life! After we had time for siesta. It was time to back. Mission accomplished successfully. Of course we had one more ride by cable car.

If you want to spend lovely day on quite and pacefull place, you should to visit Fajã dos Padres. Just ride by cable car is fun. But then you can enjoy vews, plants, beach, waterfall, food and drinks in restaurant. Perfect place for relaxing afternoon with family and friends!

Jacek Szkauro Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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