Top 4 desserts from Madeira

Hello again! When I visit a new place, I always like to try new dishes because it is a nice way to get to know other cultures. But my favourite part of the meal is when the dessert arrives. I love sweet things! So that’s the reason why I decided to create this post to talk about my favourite desserts that I tried in Madeira.

  1. Pastel de Nata

This is a very typical kind of cake in Portugal. It’s also called pastel de Belém. This dessert is very simple to elaborate but the result is delicious and the good point is that it is very cheap so you can enjoy as many as you want!

2. Jesuita

At first, this dessert didn’t catch my eye but when I tried it for the first time I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. It isn’t overly sweet so you cant get tired of it.

3. Everything with maracujá

Here in Madeira there are two star fruits which are bananas and maracujá. Here they like to add the latter in many things like drinks and of course desserts. There is a bolo (that’s the word that Portuguese people use for cake) made with maracujá and soft cheese that drives me crazy. Believe me, it will melt in your mouth.

4. Bolo de rainha

This is one of the most typical desserts in Christmas time. The best description for this dessert is a kind of cake with nuts. And I have to say that I really love nuts and whenever I eat bolo de rainha I don’t feel so guilty because at least they are healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and gave you some ideas of what dessert to eat when you come visit Portugal!

Raquel Husillos

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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