Laughter therapy


Here in Teatro Metaphora one of our tasks is to do workshops with groups. Last week we researched method called laughter therapy. Unfortunately we could not do it yet with group because of social distancing,
but I wanted to summarize few helpful exercises. Maybe it is useful for somebody who wants to try out.

How I would start the workshop is asking people names in a round to get to know everyone.
For second their feeling 1 to 10 + overall feeling of the group and general question “What makes them laugh?”

For warm up it would be nice to try out laughing vowels – HA HA HA sounds. But every time you can replace the vowel with next one from alphabet – E, I , O, U.
To warm up the mussels of face and body use the technique called “Zoo”. Everyone can choose their favorite animal and tries to imitate the mimics and movement of that animal. It can be individual or animals communicate.
Next exercises are my favorite ones. Group leader chooses motions like “I do not know why I am laughing “
and everybody over exaggerating with body while shrugging the shoulders, repeating the sentence and laughing absurdly. Or shoulder rounds with turning your pockets inside-out and laughing over idea of not having any money.
There is bunch of these exercises to laugh over back pain and not getting up again from floor for example.
It releases people and the idea is not to take it too seriously but smile about the situation.
The mind does not know that we fake the laughter and hopefully it can take some stress away our shoulders.
To shake the body there is also Electricity shock exercise. You touch something nearby and pretend
you get electricity shock from there. It can seem silly, but the purpose is just keep body warm and loose.
To send people on the way after workshop is always good to reflect again. To ask how they feel after exercises
and what ideas came to their mind. It is interesting to hear and people feel the care you have.
To send them on their way you can suggest that any time they feel they can use “secret weapon ” called
Laughter pill. If you need to release stress or laugh over situation then swallow a invisible pill to
have placebo effect of laughter. For some people it can make easier to move on in a hard situation and come
up with a solution easier when brain is not worried. The best antidote for conflict, pain or stress is laughter.

Do not be afraid to try new things in life !

Erika Sall
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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