Culture shock

How to handle culture shock? I think it has been relating point to every volunteer.
Is it missing some specific food, family member, friend, pet…Name it. We all have been there.

Every person can react to culture shock differently. The time to adapt to new culture and time to adjust
may be very individual. Hereby i gathered few tips how to overcome it.

Do not forget good things what you have already in your life
Keep yourself in action with your hobbies or try to find new hobbies
Be patient. Adjusting is process and takes time
Use contructive critisism – if u end up in umpleasant situation then avoid it next time
Do not be too hard on yourself and keep an open mind
Be physically active. It helps to fight with sadness and loneliness
Find ways to relieve stress. Yoga and massage can help
Improve your language skills. It gives belonging feeling and avoids alienation
Allow yourself to feel homesick. It is only natural feeling and we should not be ashamed of feelings

Communicate with your family and friends. You can find support and understanding
Get to know variety of local people. They know the area and local language better then internet
Express your troubles to other volunteers. Shared problem is half a problem
Establish reachable and simple goals and congratulate yourself when achieving them

Do not compare yourself to others

Erika Sall
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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