Colours, plants and fruits of Madeira

Hello! It’s my first post in here so I’d like to start with a small introduction. My name is Dorota, I’m from Poland and I started my volunteer project in Teatro Metaphora in Madeira a month ago. I’m very excited about the next few months – I can’t wait for the upcoming initiatives and projects, as well as opportunities to explore and admire this beautiful island.

As you probably have heard, Madeira is called the island of eternal spring and is well-known for its extraordinary flora. I can’t take my eyes off its exuberant, diverse plants, trees and flowers. It’s a crazy wheel of beautiful colours and shapes, which I’ve never seen before – and everyday I am surprised to see something new.

Me hanging out in an average garden in Funchal. Photo by Erika Sall.

Thanks to the subtropical climate and fertile soil of the island there is a wide range of delicious and exotic fruits that grows here. The beautiful village of Câmara de Lobos is surrounded by banana plantations. Yes, bananas everywhere! This is a landscape I still haven’t got used to!

Banana trees!

Being a food and cooking enthusiast, I am very excited that in the center of Câmara de Lobos there’s a market, where I can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from local farms everyday. And the owners of stalls are very helpful and friendly! There’s a number of colorful markets across the island, all full of flowers, vegetables and – most importantly – fruits. Bananas, pasionfruits, papayas, dragonfruits, oranges, mangos, pineapples, tabaidos, melons, grapes and much more. Some of them I’m still unable to identify.

A stall in the famous Farmer’s Market in Funchal.

And if you still feel that there is nothing interesting for you there, maybe you could give a chance to some crazy fruit hybrids. Have you ever tried pineapple-banana, passionfruit-banana, tomato-passionfruit or lime-passionfruit? The shopkeepers are happy to give samples so you can taste all of them!

Some weird fruit hybrids beautifully presented at the market.

Healthy food and fruit lovers – trust me, this is a place for you.

Never miss chance to show a picture of my cat in a pineapple hat!

Dorota Stanek
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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