My first week in the beautiful and sunny Madeira.

Hello! My name is Raquel and I’m a volunteer from Spain. Although I have visited the mainland, this is the first time that I visit Madeira. As I saw photos on the Internet before coming, I did know that I was going to live in such a beautiful place, but it exceeded my initial expectations! By the time I’m writing this post I only know Câmara de Lobos and a little bit of Funchal but I can just say that I already love this island. Not only is its nature colorful and impressive but also its inhabitants are very nice and  friendly.

Regarding to nature, I have never been in a place like this before, with all the bright flowers blossoming all around. It is also so satisfying to smell the fragrance of the flowers when you go for a walk in the street. Moreover, there are a lot of species that I have never seen before.

I was so lucky to get to see the Flower Festival during my first week and it was such a nice initial contact with the amazing culture of the island. There were a lot of girls, women and also men with beautiful costumes in the street and one fun fact is that they make a different outfit for each year. I am looking forward to visiting more wonderful places of the island!

Raquel Husillos
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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