Rocks and stones

Funchal, Photo by Iga Szabat

“We – madeirenses – are like rocks and stones”, that’s what one of the residents said about people on Madeira Island.

Pico de Arieiro, Photo by Iga Szabat

That metaphor seems to be very accurate because of the average of stony beaches and rocky landscapes here. But what does these words say about people here?

Camara de Lobos, Photo by Iga Szabat

The island can be very mysterious for visitors at first. Proper high mountains, picks above the clouds, secret caves, hills all covered with banana trees and all with the unquiet ocean around.

Photo by Iga Szabat

Are people here like that too? Mysterious? Definitely. But also very helpful and always happy to share some informations about the island. They are undoubtedly very proud of the place they live in and very bonded to the island.

Praia do Vigario, Photo by Iga Szabat

I had a chance to talk with young people from Madeira and they all admit that even as they go to study abroad or leaving the island looking for work, they want to be back here in the future. Maybe that’s what make people to be like stones and rocks? Confidence about their roots and foundations in life. I find it very important these days when we have big crisis of identity around the world, especially among young people. It’s hard to be like the stones on madeiran beaches that even the strongest waves can’t move.

Photo by Iga Szabat

Let’s be open, kind, flexible, let’s enjoy the world and explore but let’s be solid! Find ourselves! Be brave! Let’s be stones and rocks!

Ponta de Sao Lourenco, photo by Iga Szabat

Iga Szabat
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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