Not every hero has a cape

Madeira Island is suprising me everyday- I thought I have already seen a lot of amazing views and nature but yesterday I had another amazing experience.

Four polish volunteers from Theatro Metaphora decided to explore an Island by their own. One of our goals was to reach some of Madeira’s Levadas. As we know from our 3 weeks staying here public transport is very hard and you can not go to every place you want so we decided to take hitch-haking. We wanted to reach Ponta dol Sol or Calheta- we knew it is far away but we were motivated to succeed. After 30 minutes of staying with paper near the roundabout suddenly one guy stopped and asked if we are from France. Luckily one of us (thank you Karolina) speaks fluently french so we could communicate with him. He turned out to be very helpful person- he gave us a lift and what is more, he even decided to join us to walk to Levada 25 Fontes. We couldn´t believe in our luck! Finally we spent with him whole day. He showed us another beautiful part of an Island but in my opinion it wasn´t the most important thing during our spontaneous trip. The main factor and the best one at the same time was a fact that we were from another countries but we found a way to communicate. We discovered together other pearl of Madeira!

From the left- Karolina, Iga, Kasia, Ola

Waterfall of Levada 25 Fontes
Iga and Kasia are trying to catch a hitch haking

Katarzyna Puchalska
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
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