Atlantic called me

When I was a kid I used to tell my parents that I am going to live in Australia. You may wonder why Australia. That 5 years old kid didn’t know anything about it (maybe only that there are kangaroos) . Honestly I think I didn’t even know where it really was. This Australia thing accompanied me for the whole life since then but only quite recently I realised that for me Australia was just some kind of the metaphor of “as far as you can go”. It wasn’t really about the country itself but about the need to go far, to experience and to learn the unknown. My parents used to take me to great places all over the world and I think that at some point they instilled in me this never-ending desire of travelling and meeting new cultures. So in a nutshell that’s why I’m here. Just fulfilling my dreams 😉

I’ve been in Metaphora for one month now but as it has been quiet busy month I didn’t have much time to write earlier. My name is Kinga, I’m 20 and I come from Cracow, Poland. I decided to do a gap year after high school and I was looking for a program that would fit my expectations and Madeira and Teatro Metaphora seemed to be perfect.

Here are photos to show you some of my expierience so far:

And there are still more to come!

Kinga Skomro
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps
To know more:

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