Dog’s Day

Yesterday, in Poland, one of the most important holidays for me was celebrated, that is Dog’s Day.
Dog Day was established in Poland relatively recently, in 2007. The purpose of this holiday is above all to expand awareness of the role of the dog in human life and the responsibility that every four-legged guardian takes on. Every year during the holidays many dogs go to shelters or are thrown into the streets, because animal owners do not know what to do with them during the holiday season. Dog Day is a good opportunity to reflect on how dogs are treated in our society. It is also a common starting point for adoption and assistance campaigns conducted by animal organizations.

I planned to write a few words about the history of domestication of these wonderful animals, but according to the latest research, it is impossible to determine unequivocally the moment of domestication of the dog, due to appearing contradictions and lack of unequivocal evidence. The oldest fossil that raises no doubt is the jaw of a domesticated dog, i.e. the species Canis lupus familiaris, dating back to 14,7 thousand years ago. However, remains were found up to 35,000 years ago, which are suspected to belong to animals already friendly to humans.
Domesticating a dog is an extremely important event in human history. I am not surprised that researchers have been trying to solve this puzzle for years. For safety and not to delve into archeological research (for some boring, and this is not the point), I assume that the dog is simply the oldest and most faithful friend of man 🙂

Some interesting and funny functions of the dog:
The dog as a vacuum cleaner
The dog knows that when making dinner, a piece of tomato fell to the floor, for example. Even if your dog doesn’t like tomato, he won’t rest until he checks his own taste buds to see if he really doesn’t like this tomato. Not only that the dog will eat almost everything that falls on the floor while making a meal, it will also pour out the floor around us.
A dog as a hot water bottle
In winter, inviting a dog under the quilt will make us feel as if we hugged the radiator. What’s more, we will not get a hot water bottle in any household goods store, which increases its area three times during the night. Only a dog can do it. After falling asleep, our little, polite ball glows like a snake and spreads its legs all over the bed like an arthropod.
Dog as a free personal trainer
Are we out of a fitness club membership? Treadmills are still busy in our favorite gym? There are no excuses for the dog !! Every dog ​​will gladly take us for a completely free walk in the woods, and the landscapes, unlike those of the treadmill and elliptical cross trainer, will constantly change. Let’s look around, have fun with the dog and admire the views – time will pass unexpectedly quickly, and we will return relaxed and oxygenated.
Dog as a psychologist
The dog (as one of the few species) has an impartial, invaluable, empathetic ability to listen to man related to this specialization. The dog always listens to what we have to say to him. And even if he understands nothing, he will offer us what, with many sorrows, helps the most: his honest presence. And even if we had the impression that the whole world is falling on our heads, for this joyful being we will invariably be the whole, beloved world.

Exactly. Man is the whole beloved world for a dog. Let’s think about it. We have ahead of International Dog Day, which will be August 26. Maybe we plan to go to the Homeless Animal Shelter, sign up as a Volunteer and commit ourselves to come and walk a dog at least once a week? Maybe once every two weeks? Remember that even a walk every two weeks is more than.. nothing that these dogs have every day. Many of them only have grates in front of them and concrete under their paws. 24/7.
Maybe we should consider adopting a dog? It does not have to be a puppy, which is a commitment for the next minimum 10 years. Maybe we should adopt an older dog? Many of them were born and spent all their dog’s life in the shelter..

Shelters and Foundations are increasingly opening up to Temporary Homes. This means that we take the dog with us – we give him normal home conditions. We let it develop in a normal environment, we teach commands and walking on a leash. Whereas expenses such as karma or veterinarian are paid by Shelter/Foundation.

Think about it, please. For a bowl of food and walking, the dog is ready to give us all his dog’s heart.. For so little, we will receive instead something huge and unique..

Aleksandra Lelenthal
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps
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