Hello. My Name is…

Hello. My name is Erol and I am a volunteer from Slovenia. It’s a small country and beautiful with nature landscapes like lake Bled, coastline including a town Piran and other hidden gems. If you are curious Slovenia is located between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. The capital city is Ljubljana.

Lake Bled

I’m very excited about this journey and opportunity to be a part of project at Teatro Metaphora organisation. Currently I am having preparations and online activities in my organisation. Unfortunately coronavirus had a big impact on me. It gives me a lot thinking about my life and awareness how all we should be grateful the things we have and accept this global pandemic crisis as it is and think positive.

Let’s talk about my expectations when I will arrive to Madeira. Interesting about me is that I am trying to live without any expectations from my experiences because you are attached to income how should be like and leads you to disappointment. I think no one wants to be disappointed. Instead I have a mental picture to learn Portuguese language and culture which is beautiful, explore the island of Madeira, meet other volunteers from European Solidarity Corps, your local community and organisation. It would also be good for me to develop competences, skills, problem solving and creativity for my future career and find my purpose in life and personal growth.

At my spare time I practice yoga every day, reading inspirational books, go for a walk in nature.

About my fears. There are a lot of questions in my head. Will I make a good impression to your local community and organisation? Will there be a good teamwork with other volunteers? Will I have someone to talk to when I have bad days, homesickness? Will I make a satisfying contribution to this project? It’s a lot to process and I shouldn’t think too much. 

My final thoughts are I am very grateful and happy that I will gain a lot of experiences and be a part of the project, making new friends and sharing my ideas. It’s a big decision for me and a perfect time to a new chapter of my life. Take care and stay safe.


Erol Ramić

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps  
To know more: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en

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