Mother’s Day

As you remember, Stella and I come from Poland. Today, i.e. 26 May, we celebrate Mother’s Day in Poland.

On this occasion, I decided to write a few words about this holiday and the customs associated with it in different countries.

Mothers’ Day was already celebrated in Ancient Greece and Rome, because the cult of mothers – guardians, goddesses and fertility symbols was strongly practiced there. Mother’s Day was called Hilaria and was also celebrated in May, but for three days. In modern times, customs were not cultivated until the 16th century, when they returned in England and Scotland. Every fourth Sunday of Lent was celebrated Mother’s Sunday. On this occasion, a family home was visited to give my mother a gift and flowers. Girls were obliged to prepare a “mother’s cake”, which was eaten during a common meal. In the United States, custom appeared thanks to Ann Marie Jarwis, who organized a campaign that ended with the establishment of the American Congress that day. The celebrations are scheduled for the second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day in Poland
In Poland, Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1914 in Kraków, and it was already then on May 26. Everyone spends the Mother’s Day in their own way. On this occasion, Primary Schools organize meetings, competitions or special academies for mothers of students. And at home … it’s often to prepare something that mom likes the most. Preparing something yourself is always the most valuable for the recipient. Joint trips on this day are also becoming more common. This holiday aims to show mothers respect, love and thanks for the effort put in upbringing. Let’s remember, however, that the most important thing for mothers will be our presence and moments spent talking. For conflicting families, this is a good opportunity for reconciliation.

Mother’s Day in the world
Mother’s Day in Thailand (August 12) is celebrated with the greatest pump. The preparations take several weeks. This has to do with celebrating Queen Sirikit. The houses are decorated with flowers and lights, flags are also hung. On the feast day a great procession takes place to the Palace, where the crowd sings the song “Mother of the Kingdom”. On this day, I also pay homage to my mothers by offering them jasmine flowers. In France (last Sunday of May or first Sunday of June) we receive wines, chocolates and of course French cheeses. Instead of flowers – make a cake yourself. In Canada (second Sunday of May) after Easter and Christmas it is the most important holiday celebrated by residents. This day is intended only for mothers and telephone wishes are not enough. Gifts, going out and dinner together are a standard ritual. In Mexico (May 10), very expensive gifts are given to mothers. Money often needs to be raised much earlier.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for enduring what you couldn’t bear, for doing something out of nothing;
that you gave, even though you had empty pockets, that you loved me when it was difficult to love me;
that you earned money to raise me, that you did impossible things with a smile (even when sometimes he was shaking)

Aleksandra Lelenthal
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Solidarity Corps
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