Carnaval da Madeira (part 2)

The second parade, called ‘Cortejo Trapalhão’, is older and used to occur all over the island, now it floods the streets of the city centre with thrilling joy on Terça-feira Gorda, ending the Carnival period.

While in the case of the previous event, tourists are usually just spectators, while at Cortejo Trapalhão, everyone can be creative and take part in a parade.

Last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in Funchal, various disguises appear: from characters mocking some social or political situation, to “classic” carnival costumes (eg pirates).

Teatro Metaphora decided to introduce themselves this year as a group of evil and malicious clowns. We even threw water balloons into the audience !!

However, by nature we are very cheerful and positive people, we also have to smile a few times 😉


Aleksandra Lelenthal
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European solidarity corpus  
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