Scouts at the Teatro Metaphora

Last Saturday (08/02/2020) in the Teatro Metaphora we hosted a special group. A group of scouts. Yes, yes – you read it right. About 24 people came to us 🙂

We started the scout event downstairs near the Coral restaurant, where our beloved Lidia talked comprehensively about the Teatro Metaphora – what organization does, how long it exists, etc.

Next we slowly walked along the street of São Jão de Deus, along which there are beautiful paintings of Metaphora, created from cans. The scouts were very impressed with these works (I honestly admit that before the Teatro Metaphora I also did not know that such a thing can be created from cans !!).

Then in the city garden I and Stella and Lidia decided to introduce some movement and fun into our joint meeting – through the game Samurai. Now everyone will remember when you say “Hi”, when “Ha” and “Ho” 🙂

Then (Stella and I) we had a short quiz about Poland. What was the surprise that despite the fact that Poland is in the European Union, it still does not have “€” as the currency..

At the end of the meeting … the time has come for work 🙂 We divided everyone into three groups – one (the largest) cut the cans; the second – straightened the cut cans, and the third cut the bottles (because we are preparing the installation for Carnival slowly, but not a word about it for now ;-)).

Dear Scouts, thank you very much for your visit. We hope you enjoyed and see you again !!

With scout greetings – Czuwaj!!

Aleksandra Lelenthal
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European solidarity corpus  
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