Visiting Art Galleries



In the very first week I recived a nice map of Funchal from one of volunteers. The map shows many various places such as restaurants, bars, museums and shops. As well as it contains a small dictionary of madeiran expressions which is very useful for beginners:)

Fullfiled by stunnining landcapes I was looking now for some cultural/art places. As the first I decieded to visit Porta 33 which is marked on the map as OASIS OF CONTEMPORORARY ART. And I was not disapointed!

The Gallery is located in old and charming building, numerous bright rooms on this three-floor space present works of renowned Porteguese artists such as Lourdes Castro, Rui Chafes, Pedro Cabrita.

Porta 33 organizes also workshop and conferences and I really hope than in couple of weeks when my portugeuse become better I will be able to attend one of them. Meanwhile I recommend to visit this interesting place!

Katarzyna Agnieszka


Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes

European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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