Why you should stop struggling and let life surprise you

1.5 month ago, I did not t51253950_1891373514323427_767670785060896768_n(1)hink that I would change my life so fast – to live 4,000 km away from my family and friends.

For some time, I have been thinking about the ESC project, when I was browsing the offers nothing was interesting to me. After long hours of searching, I decided that this was not the right time for me and I have to wait. I started a new job. One day, I was writing another report to work, then I heard a quiet voice in my head – ,, Check offers again”. I did not want to hear it, I was too busy and I returned to the report, but… The voice returned again! I thought – Ok, fast check only for 10 min, I will not lose anything.

And that was the beginning.

Within 5 minutes I found the Metaphora Theater, when I read their project I was delighted. Only 2 days to aaplication deadline. It was a sign and I had to try! I sent the documents and …

Everything went very fast.

Documents, conversation with Lidia on Skype and accepting me for a project – only in 5 days!

Within 3 weeks, I was already in Madeira.

What’s the conclusion?

Always listen to your intuition, even if it gives you strange thoughts that are not understandable to you.

Always trust yourself.

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