Is it possible to avoiding from cosmetics?

During my EVS time, I find some opportunities to try some recipies to avoid from cosmetics.  But why?

Do you think we have really good things to use/eat for our body? Almost last three years I have been trying not to use parfums. I have a spray such a water without aluminyum. I know somebody makes their own deodorants, also our association, Teatro Metaphora prepaired such a wonderful day for it and they made deodarants! Unfortunately, I cound’t join that day. But I saw the krem deodorant, ıt smells perfect! I will try to do it and delete one more things from cosmetics list.

2 mounts ago I wanted to try make my own parfum  but when I started to search what I can use there was a alcol iside the recipies. I tried to use baby oil but it didn’t work. After ıt , I couldn’t myself to try something else! I decided to make shampoo.  All he recipies inclued castile soap. If you don’t know I can say you, ıt isn’t the olive oil soap. It is a soap (castile soap,liquid) made of coconat, olive, almont oils, etc.

In Madeira, there is no castile soap. I think ıt was a sign from the unverse to show me why you don’t go so simple? After all the search, I want to try liquid soap with a bar of olive oil soap. Unfortunately, again, I couldn’t find  natural (without parfum) soap. I was searching such a crayz. One day, we went to Funchal and I wanted to ask shops which I asked the castile soap. I went there but there was no olive oil soap. But I found a soap %100 vegetal honey soap at Bioforma.


what we need to make shampoo:

Soap -Olive oil soap or %100 vegetal soap

Gliserin -Almost every farmaci has

3 lt ofWater

These two are optional if you want you can make without them:

Castor oil -Its so good for hair

Essential oil -It shold be for body


I put the water inside a pot and switch on the stove. During the boil time I grated the soap and when the water about to boul ı put the grated soap inside.After I put less ten one spoon of gliserin and castor oil. If ıt is boilng so much ( ıts better to not to boil so much) you can switch off the stove and mixx them with a spoon until they get liquid. After that get liquit you can put also 20 drops of essential oil. You should wait like one day to have it  cold. Don’t be shock when you that solid. 😀 It get so solid! After it you can that  mixture and use such a shampoo.  but I shold say you something:

  1. doesn’t have bubble
  2. you can feel like it doens’t work but when ıts dry you will see its perfectly fine
  3. ıf you want to try before making and ıf you are near camara de lobos you can want from me to try

When I tried first, It was so oily and my hair seemed oily. But after I changed something and made it simple. That time its like normal shampoo without bubbles which you don’t need. I really would like to share with you to try 🙂

And I have good suggestion from my mother. I said her to make shampoo for home and she tried and after we were speaking and she said ‘Zeynep, I found one more thing to use the mixture! We buy the hand washing soap also  but we can use the mixture without essential oil and castor oil like a hand clean liquid soap.’ She is amazing! We can use also directly the soap but somebody doesn’t like to use solid. Here the world of you mind. I hope you will try to make something to be natural.

About that pictures:

First I put less water and the mixture got solid more then normal I put again inside water. I had the chance to take picture for you 🙂

I want to share a video with you also. Its about cosmetics and it can make you sure to make your own things.

Zeynep Özer
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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