Sao Pedro Festival

2018 Camara De Lobos Sao Pedro festival was between  27 June- 01 July. The first festival day I watched traditional show and took their photos. The show contains also a lot of diffrent people. they are special for me. And I know ıf you give a chance, everybody can create marvels. I really like old things. And here has a lot old memory and stuff.

My Featured image has diffrent gestures. I also realize now, you can see how they are tired or worried from their face. Generally I take photos but if someone wants to photos from me its getting hard for me. When they don’t interest, I can catch diffrent time from their life.

Let me show you how they are beautiful,


Collage 2018-08-18 09_47_37Collage 2018-08-18 09_46_44 sCollage 2018-08-18 09_50_01Collage 2018-08-18 09_54_40Collage 2018-08-18 09_51_03Collage 2018-08-18 09_53_12Collage 2018-08-18 09_57_29Collage 2018-08-18 10_01_53Collage 2018-08-18 09_56_07Collage 2018-08-18 10_09_46Collage 2018-08-18 10_12_18Collage 2018-08-18 10_15_24Collage 2018-08-18 10_17_54Collage 2018-08-18 10_14_18Collage 2018-08-18 10_18_55Collage 2018-08-18 10_23_09Collage 2018-08-18 10_20_50Collage 2018-08-18 10_40_55Collage 2018-08-18 10_33_33Collage 2018-08-18 10_46_28Collage 2018-08-18 10_25_17Collage 2018-08-18 10_27_39Collage 2018-08-18 10_43_13

Collage 2018-08-18 10_51_07


Zeynep Özer
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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