Macaroni party in Boaventura


Last Saturday we, the whole team of Metaphora, local volunteers, friends and others who contributed to our “Fragile Project” all together headed to Boaventura to celebrate the project ending and its successful outcomes.

Before the lunch was being cooked, we took a walk around.



If you still haven’t visited this heavenly place, then it’s the time. The place is surrounded by huge mountains, tropical forests and always moving clouds, which create this magical atmosphere.

The trip didn’t actually last long, because we all were hungry and returned back in about half an hour))

Here it is, a huuge pot of Macaroni, special thanks to our amazing chef Marco.


We evaluated the project, its outcomes and discussed our future plans.

No, not really, we just enjoyed spending time together.

Because we are the team and not only we should work together , but also celebrate together!



These are new members of our team from Boaventura:

It will be quite hard to teach them how to cut cans, but I’m sure we will make it.


and the old ones.


Thank you everyone, especially to Andreia and Sergio for hosting, to the organizers, our great chef and everyone.Thank you for this memory! as Madeira is full of memories ❤

Nika Danelia

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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