Meaning of The Life

What is this? Have you ever asked yourself that question? (or) Do you feel the meaing?


2017 was my the last year at University, I had been working at a financial company sinse December, 2017. Last June I graduated from my University. And that time I don’t want to be more in the office. I quited the job and I was feeling that day really free. You can not believe but ı had a song in my phone ,which one about the loneliess, I was singing that song with happy :)) That was so  different day. Do you know what happened? I started an English course, I had some money but it was enough only for 3 months. And I had to pay also my course price. ( I aam lucy, I have a lovely teacher and he wanted only small price) 3 months after my family had helped me. And I have started to learn how I can survive without money. Yes, I could ask my family for more money. But I have known how feels make money. I always hesitate to ask  money. Than Ihave discover how you can survive without unnecessary money. I can take ticket, important food, necessary clothes and something for enjoy. The last year was like for me.  And I am so happy to say that ‘I love my the new life’

Please think about your life meaning, it doesn’t hve to be one thing. It can has a lot of chapter. Why not? Maybe you will have been happier than before the first discover time!

Look at your closet, look inside your mirror, look at your room, home life.

Do you have really imprtant something or everyting?

If you have more money, please spend it beautiful things.


Smile like my cousin,

Be child,

Be free


Zeynep Özer
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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