There was an unfortunate day before The Classic Car Festival

My friends and I had planed a travel from Monte Botanical Garden. Sunday morning we met in front of supermarket  and go together to take for bus.  Actually we wasted almost 1 hour in the bus station. After all of this, we were able to take a bus. Besides this I was still enjoying  🙂 When we arrived in Funchal, began another unfortunated fact. Where the Monte bus station closed. We looked a lot bus station. Consequently, we didn’t find there. Yes, we could find and go there.

Fortunately we saw a festival in close street. We turned back and traveled the festival. I believe everything always  comes right.

It is impossible for one of them to be bad. My favorite car is Volkswagen. In my sight this car wasn’t made by factory. At least I want to think that.

Again this universe made us happy. Let’s go on a sight-seeing tour about the cars!

Collage 2018-07-11 14_02_17Collage 2018-07-11 14_04_32Collage 2018-07-11 14_08_35Collage 2018-07-11 14_06_13Collage 2018-07-11 14_10_41

Zeynep Özer
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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