All you need is love

When I first embarked on my EVS journey I had no clue how my life would turn upside down and in many views start anew. Sure I knew that I was moving to a foreign country with some basic knowledge of the new culture I am going to be a part of and I was also well aware that I am leaving everything and everyone familiar behind.

It was equally terrifying and exciting!

After almost 3 months of living in Madeira I can say that I am adjusted to the local lifestyle and their culture, which isn’t all that different from my own, still at times it feels so foreign.

In this time I have met a lot of interesting people from my hosting organisation, my fellow volunteers, my mentor, locals and tourists alike. I have made a lot of connections and have formed a few friendships along the way.

Firstly and foremostly with my mentor Sara with whom I haven’t only become a friend but a soul sister. But that’s a story for another day 😉 Secondly my two fellow volunteers that both come from Georgia – Nika and Ani.

I have met Nika upon arrival as he was already living on the Island for 4 months. He was kind enough to show me the ropes and take me on a tour around town which was mentioned in my first ever blog posts. We have quickly formed a sibling bond and we quite often joke that he is my brother from another mother. We share some views, values, definitely our sense of humor and a mutual respect for each other’s opinion. Nika is one awesome dude which isn’t surprising since he was born on a stellar date aka the 10th of October. (by the way, that’s my birthday date as well 😉 )

Nika and me

And last BUT definitely not least, my lovely roommate Ani. Ani joined us a month into my EVS and as with Nika, I have strong friendship with her, resembling a sibling bond. We enjoy each other’s company immensely and never run out of topics of conversation. Mutual respect, caring for one another and being a friend in need has made our bond unshakeable which is apparent in our daily life. I love to cook and share my meals, for us to enjoy and converse over and Ani happily reciprocates. Beyond that we stand by each other’s side, lifting one another’s spirit when needed and making re that we share our positive energy with each other.

Ani and me

All of a sudden this foreign country isn’t so foreign anymore as I feel I’m surrounded by family – my crazy international family ❤

Erika Horvat
Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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