Happiness – is here, very emotional week

IMG_E2952[1]I just woke up, woke up in another country, here, in Madeira, Camara De lobos.

YES,  it is like waking up and  u  are realizing that the place, where u are now, at the moment, is another place of the world, very, very far away from your home, but wait…

here is one, two and three  “buts” :

  1. BUT u love this place very much
  2. BUT u feel more peace here
  3. BUT u feel freedom here

so, u are awaking and understanding, that here is love, peace and freedom, which u wanted so strongly  a very long time.




Firstly,  I thought  it was miracle, my own dream, but no, fortunately,   it is reality or I can say both: it is dream in reality and reality in dream – I am here…


This place does not allow u to be sad, here u have to be happy.

Everything says this: be happy, don’t worry…..

so, sky, sun, sea, flowers are singing and saying with their beauty :

” life is short and try to be happy today “ .

even dogs here are very kind to me…

In the Ilheu garden  I met two dogs, one  is black,  Another one, which u can see on photo is  light brown, they  are  very friendly and I already  in love with them…



People…. I don’t know many people  here yet, but who  I know,  I can definitely say, that they are very cute, with smiling face and clear eyes…

and..  this is lara, larita, from Spain, Cantabria,  who is here like me, by the same project of METAPHORA, I just uploaded this photo on my Facebook yesterday and I wrote, that  we are taking  our countries  by our heart on the Portugal ground…

u can see here  by GE letters  is written this :))





It was all, what I wanted to  say  for today…


In conclusion:


I know, that happiness begins in us and ends up in us …

And really people are happy when they can’t speak …

Happiness is  the inner position ..

The more you are in silent, the more you  can listen to yourself.

people are not   yelling about   their happiness, happiness is allowing/ relieving  with all the soul and heart …

In GE: 

მე ვიცი, რომ ბედნიერება ჩვენში იწყება და ჩვენშივე მთავრდება…

და ნამდვილად ადამიანი მაშინაა ბედნიერი, როცა ვერ ლაპარაკობს…

ბედნიერება შინაგანი მდგომარეობაა..

რაც უფრო ჩუმად ხარ , მით უფრო მეტად გესმის საკუთარი თავის.

ბედნიერებას არ ყვირიან, ბედნიერებას ითმენენ მთელი სულითა და გულით…

ბედნიერება – არის აქ, ემოციებით სავსე კვირა…



Ups… I almost forget to say: I  am Ani Sparsiashvili from Georgia.

Nice to meet u !!




Ani Sparsiashvili

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
To know more: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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