Does the Grinch really exist?


If you mean that furry, green humanoid who calls himself Grinch I will answer YES! he does exist, but it must be pretty hard for him to live here in Madeira.I bet he lives somewhere in the cave, deep in the ocean or some cold place.But anyway, he managed to steal Christmas again.

How can you call it Christmas when there is +18°C outside,not freezing/snowing, when you can swim in the ocean and then openly walk in the street naked (I mean not fully but naked upper body). No, no it’s not Christmas, it’s something more, something special, more colourful and I would say okay, much better so far.


It’s the day when the big Celebration begins! Celebration of drinking, singing, dancing enjoying other people and life in general. (On this pic I’m already dressed btw)


Chirstmas followed by New Year’s Eve, with lot’s of fireworks in the sky and fireworks thrown from the heart.Even if it wasn’t the Christmas and New Year, I’m used to, doesn’t mean it was bad, so thank you Grinch!

Madeiria-New-Year-Fireworks-edit.jpg P.s. Hope to survive after all this celebration. see you later!

Nika Danelia

Volunteer at Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes
European Voluntary Service – Erasmus+
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