DO IT YOURSELF! Recycling workshop

During almost two months I worked regulary, one time per week in one of the basic school in Câmara de Lobos. Since I had experience in handy-craft works and my hosting organisation is connected with ecology and arts – it from start looked like a very good idea.

Since I knew I will work with adults, I prepared various ideas to experiment with different materials and different techniques as well. For me, it was also challenge to make everyone comfortable with this kind of work. You need to know that my small group icluded participates in various ages: the youngest is 28, the oldest more than 60!


My main goal was to turned recycling into a fun craft project… and usuful for the participants. I proposed simple things and joyful activities to integrate with a part of local community  and to prove that we don’t need any expensive materials to prepare beutiful gifts and – by the way – safe our planet a bit.

Therefore, behind the work, I tried to share some info about ecology and also about Poland. Some of my students were very interested to learn few basic polish words 🙂

First workshop: CAN LANTERNS

Second workshop: RECYCLING OF OLD CD’S

We used glitter CD’s elements to decorate old table setting. Since we noticed with students that everyone really like the activity – we opened for another recycling materials this time like cork, pieces of glass and even… buttons 🙂


Now we had this Christmas and New Year break, but we gonna continue with our final projects during this month.

See you soon with new informations!

|Izabela Puk,
polish volunteer in Teatro Metaphora|

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