Viva a juventude! Day 1sth


I was really lucky to could take part in The International Days of Youthness in Câmara de Lobos, during  two days: 10th and 11th of August 2017. Sounds like a tipical introduction to one of a boring article? But it’s not, be patience and feel welcome to read a bit of my story!

I came to Câmara de Lobos during first days of August and this event helped me a lot to jump into the proper reality that was completely new for me.

Of course, first days of my being in the island I spent with this feelings that I’m outside of the reality that surrounds me and I’m the one that just watched one of a movie – day by day, without feelings that I’m really in.

And this international event was for me just an amazing opportunity to start: easy way to know a bit of the island, to meet young people from all of the island (I hope so to meet at least some of them in my future projects during my EVS here) and to know some traditions from the south part of Madeira.

First day we spent in few amazing places: Miradouro da Boca dos Namorados, Largo Da Boca Da Corrida or Curral das Freiras doind some extreme activities like mountain bikes fast rides, jeep rides, moto 4, city game and team building to meet finally in the local Casa do Povo. There the biggest surprised waited for us: we could prepare by ourselfes tipical cakes from Curral das Freiras. Now, it’s our secret and we will not tell the recipe to anybody! 😉




Are you ready to read about 2nd day of the Juventude Ativa? See you soon, to be continued… 😉

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