Sometimes happiness is easy. Sometimes joy lies in small things. And moreover, sometimes good mood starts from a small motion. And this is what we actualy experienced in organization called Viva. Small weekly activities booted up by two volunteers until now activate children and show them how to spend time in creative way.

Last time, we came in a middle of the day, to paint children’s faces. Imagine how the shyness – after few minutes – turned into sparkling eyes and wide smiles. It worked in two ways: also our timidity just melted and we started suddenly to try our portuguese skills to communicate better during the activities.

I believe that the communication trough art is one of the best intercultural way to understand each others. You basicaly don’t need any language, maybe except…body language. It’s a great lesson to understand how to express yourself in many different ways.

We spent at that place short time, but the result of the meeting was really great! Few minutes just turned children’s random day into a fairytale. And who doesn’t like to feel so special like a hero from a fairytale? Sometimes happiness is easy and starts from a small step. Small step that brings big changes 🙂






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