Creativity -one of the most powerful tools we’re privileged to possess.

People, from all earthly creatures, are undoubtedly the most inventive and gifted species. Forasmuch humans are the only living beings that make attempts to be resourceful and at the same time are the ones that use up most of the resources given by mother nature.

Although the introduction of this article indicates a rather deep matter to be philosophically conferred, what is of the essence here is the phenomenon of creativity.

The word creativity, according to oxford dictionary, means the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. This particular skill enables people to make civilizational progress and allows us to excel ourselves to become more varied and complex in solutions but at the same time to make our lives way easier and simple.

For instance, if we think of great minds of innovation and invention we can see that every single genius aimed at finding out either a truth about nature of something or were sweating their brows to produce a way out to better such issues as, for example, – communication between people. When we take Bell, the inventor of the first telephone model; Bez, the German innovator that is believed to be the first to design a practical car. These two gentlemen had one mutual purpose, by introducing advanced technology, to dumb-down simpler methods of communication between people quicker and more comfortable.

Civilizations without the ability to think creative would have stuck in a dead rock place with possibly no other option as to stay at mercy of sudden whims of nature. Creativity is a powerful tool. That’s why in the modern age were younger generation often take everything for granted it is immensely important to guard this capacity of human mind.



Erasmus plus exchange programs as other initiatives founded by the European Commission, by allowing students and young adults opportunities to live abroad, give all the participants great chances to upgrade their professional skills, of which creative thinking is one of most cardinal one.

During these projects individuals has lifetime opportunity to not only polish earlier acquired skills during university years but also to learn entirely new things. Living in a different culture is per se a real eyes opener. Learning new language and lifestyles of different communities widens our outlook on life and possibilities. To top it with the less complicated matter, by living alone during Erasmus plus project, – you also learn that fridge doesn’t refill itself with food on its own.

It is a fact that everyone possesses creativity. Arne Dietrich, cognitive neuroscientist, identifies four different types of creativity with corresponding different brain activities. According to Dietrich creativity can be either emotionally or cognitively based, and it can also be spontaneous or deliberate. That gives you the four quadrants.

And that’s why some people are better in math science, others in humanistic studies. This capacity to think creative in either of these two ways make it possible for us to decide on our career path and other life choices.  Erasmus plus experience is a great add-up to strengthen our professional creativity as well as to move these parts of our creative thinking that weren’t used much previously.

To end, as following the thought of French poet, Pierre Reverdy, Creativity is to work more efficiently. This is the best summary of the worth of this distinctive skill. Thinking creative may save time, allows for better administration of resources and often revolutionizes the way we live. That’s why creativity needs to be cultivated in one’s mind. Always think beyond the box!

Author: Dariusz Sirko





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