Madeira, the place where you can spread your wings.

Another week and so there’s another obligatory update for me to write for this blog. As those of you who follow this (and there’s rather a modest number of you, my atlantic’scalling-ers) J You may noticed that I skipped publishing anything last week.

My only explanation is that instead of Atlantic’s calling piece I wrote a short article on Hospital dos Pequeninos- Hospital for the little ones, prophylactic event initiated by Jaime Miguel Abreu, a medical student, studying at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.

I happened to be a photographer during this event. And as I like people that were involved in the project and the whole idea behind it, I decided that it needs promotion on the blog that draws attention of more than three people. That’s why I asked Tobi Hughes, the most popular blogger on the island to kindly publish my short description of the happening on his well-liked, by both local and foreign audience, blog (Here’s the link: Again thx Tobi.

All in all, what I’d like to write today is the one observation that I’ve made during these two months of residing here.

Almost every day I have a pleasure of crossing new people and not jokingly to be frank with you all of these people are quite remarkable in their particular way. All of them are very passionate about things that they perform at work or if not they still have this certain sparkly joy of life that it’s almost hurting your eyes. It’s extremely striking that Madeira has something to do with it.

For instance, I met a French guy who runs here an online advertising company, next to it he pursues his career as a photographer. I made friends with people from various courtiers that quitted their ordinary lives in their native countries to become surfers. Even my piano teacher picked up practicing piano at my current age to, after eight years, that’s today become a piano player in a big band squad! It’s just simply fabulous!

All of them are examples that Madeira and Madeiran stress-free life-style gives you the luxury of time. If you use your time wisely and choose right activities and make them a habit you can reinvent your own self in any desired by you way.

I started to read a book about jazz and there’s a quote that says life is what you make it of it. I wish all of you out there to find your own Madeira in yourself. I believe it’s not up to geographical positioning, or at least not in total. We all have capacity to make our lives the way we want it.

Have a nice day! I’m off to swim.


Author: Dariusz Sirko

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