“Ы” vs. “Э”: shortly about Russian lessons

I think we have started in February (which doesn’t mean neither “cold” nor “winter” here) and now is May, slightly warmer and more pleasant, and we have just finished. What? Russian classes!

Here goes Natasha:


And me:


So, for almost 4 months we held classes, starting from one place but later moving to Casa do Povo, enjoying perks of the location and view. And a projector which they already provided so we didn’t need to take another one in Metaphora.

15 or 16 students at the beginning, only 7 survived by the end of bloody battle with 6 Russian cases and Cyrillic alphabet. And I am pleased to show you photos of our small but loud group:

Often we didn’t finish all prepared material simply starting some conversation about language differences or what about those photos from carnaval.

But even though there were moments of pure joy when you see that your students can not just read but also understand something and answer your questions correctly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I should admit the last lesson was the most emotionally intense and stressful personally for me. These weekly lessons became some sort of a pleasant routine. And also saying bye to your students is almost saying the same to Madeira. Our project slowly gets to the end…

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