Some words about the school with a view and our appearance there

This Tuesday, I woke up at 6am to get to Curral das Freiras by 10am. That’s a weird fact about buses here: even though it might be faster to get to the point from Camara de Lobos where we live, there are no direct buses so we are forced to first go to Madeiran capital Funchal and from there head to the final destination. So it can be a big hook which takes extra 1.5h one way.

Curral das Freiras belongs to the municipality of Camara de Lobos and is one of the most distant locations, completely isolated and not easy reachable.

But all complains have gone as soon as we got to the village, situated right in the middle of the island. The school we were heading to had an amazing view, no matter are you in classroom, in canteen or in toilet. Just look!


So our group of four missioners from Teatro Metaphora arrived here with an important message: to bring enlightenment to the masses. Or in other words to talk to kids about opportunities abroad within the framework of Semana Europeia da Juventude. Here goes a photo report:

DSC_7740Mattia walks in an empty room.

DSC_7750Lidia starts the meeting.

DSC_7760DSC_7772Kids are doing their best to look smart. They do it well.

DSC_7745Dasha poses for camera.

DSC_7781And later explains the importance of something important.

DSC_7810Natasha looks sneakily.

DSC_7756DSC_7793Feet #1.

DSC_7804Mattia explains the importance of something important #2.

DSC_7807Artsy feet #2.


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